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Author: livinginclip Subject: help

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Registered: 04-19-2012

posted on 04-19-2012 at 18:48 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator

I have been married to my wife for almost three years. Its been a rough three years, np doubt. She had lost her job, our daughter almost lost her life due to an infection and the list goes on. But, thru it all we stuck together and we had great times.

But yesterday it came to a head. See, my wife cheated on me twice before and then six months ago I found she was having an affair with a fellow student ( she's a full time.student now). I tried to move past it and I thought I did. But last Thursday I dropped by her school to surprise her and caught her hanging out with him again. I wanted to leave, but I didn't. We have a family so I stayed. Since then, she has disappeared for hours and leaves me with our kids. So, yesterday I packed my stuff and left. She texted me and said she was filing an epo against me ( even though I left and never done anything). Said court order I couldn't speak to her or my son un
til a court date. Well, I went today and asked our local sheriff and she never filed! She is holding mu son and herself hostage based on lies...

So...here is the thing.
Why do I still want to work it out?
Why do o wish I could just kiss her?
Why do I miss her so damn much ?
How do I get over this pain???
And did I do the right thing for leaving??
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