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Author: Sickofit Subject: I need help thanks for input

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Registered: 09-26-2011

posted on 09-26-2011 at 20:10 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
I need help!

Been together 8 years married for 5, we used to have so much in common, lots of partying till I became full alcoholic. I cleaned up 3 years ago, in the gym 5 days a week a health nut. She slowed down but when she did drink it was bad. I used to put her on a pedestal, buy her nice things. We recently moved and we've been arguing ever since. She has 2 kids from previous, 18 and 13 I have one from previous 17. I treated every kid equal. But she would show favoritism which led to big blow outs! She started calling me pussy, man up, which led to me calling her a fucking cunt and fat ass! She's never on my side, her oldest broke into my room twice and stole change, more damage to door, and window screen. She did absolutely nothing. I feel like I'm just a provider. She recently quit her job which put more of a bind on me. I'm thinking she did this because I was looking at rent houses. She constantly goes through my history, wants to look at my phone, I feel trapped, it's a big turn off. Sex is only thing that's been ok. I feel like she's always trying to punish me. I was with my ex for 8 years before she slept with a 12 year old and did 10 years. I only had 3 months in between relationships by myself. We moved in fast. Sometimes I don't want to come home, everyone says I deserve better and I would have no trouble finding a good woman. But I just feel guilty leaving her. I feel so fucked!

I don't want to be nice to her. Seems as the world should evolve around her. I see other women running their fingers through their men's hair, I'm jealous! I've got one massage in 8 years, and I have a bad ass body! I used to constantly ask her if she wants a massage, girls were jealous, I'd massage her feet and paint her nails. She's always out to make me look like this terrible person, but now I've been standing up for myself and I think it's shocking her.
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